Thursday, 17 November 2011

Design of Concrete Structures Nilson Fourteenth Edition

Design of Concrete Structures, authored by Arthur H. Nilson, David Darwin and Charles W. Dolan, is a comprehensive, precise and in lucid writing. Book is updated and revised according to ACI code 2008. The book covers extensive topics on design of beams, columns, slabs, retaining walls, footing etc. It is used as a course book for bachelor as well as master students.Contents of the book are

Chapter  1. Introduction
Chapter  2. Materials
Chapter  3. Flexural Analysis and Design of Beams
Chapter  4. Shear and Diagonal Tension in Beams
Chapter  5. Bond, Anchorage and Development Length
Chapter  6. Seviceability
Chapter  7. Analysis and Design for Torsion
Chapter  8. Short Columns
Chapter  9. Slender Columns
Chapter 10. Strut and Tie Models
Chapter 11. Design of Reinforcement at Joints
Chapter 12. Analysis of Indeterminate Beams and Frames

Chapter 13. Analysis and Design of Slabs
Chapter 14. Yield Line Analysis for Slabs
Chapter 15. Strip Method for Slabs
Chapter 16. Footings and Foundations
Chapter 17. Retaining Walls
Chapter 18. Concrete Building Systems
Chapter 19. Prestressed Concrete
Chapter 20. Seismic Design

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  1. please give me it's solutions link ...please

  2. the mediafire link is for formulae handbook and not the actual book. please see to it and provide the link for the book. thank you