Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Reinforced Concrete Design Theory by T.J. Mac Ginley and B.S Choo

Reinforced Concrete Design Theory by T . J. Mac Ginley and B.S Choo Second Edition which has been written to conform to BS8110.
Chapter  1: Introduction
Chapter  2: Materials, Structural Failures and Durabiltiy
Chapter  3: Limit State Design and Structural Analysis
Chapter  4: Section Design for Moment
Chapter  5: Shear, Bond and Torsion
Chapter  6: Deflection and Cracking
Chapter  7: Simply Supported and Continuous Beams
Chapter  8: Slabs
Chapter  9: Columns
Chapter 10: Walls in Buildings

Chapter 11: Foundations
Chapter 12: Retaining Walls
Chapter 13: Reinforced Concrete framed buildings
Chapter 14: Tall Buildings
Chapter 15: Programs for Reinforced Concrete Design

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