Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Principles of Foundation Engineering Braja M. Das 6th Edition

Principles of Foundation Engineering written by Braja M. Das is a very good book written on foundation engineering. It covers almost every topic. It is written in simple, lucid and easy to understand language. Book is primarily intended for undergraduate students but postgraduate students can also take benefit from it.

Chapter  1: Geotechnical Properties of Soil
Chapter  2: Natural Soil Deposits and Subsoil Exploration
Chapter  3: Shallow Foundations: Ultimate Bearing Capacity
Chapter  4: Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations: Special Cases
Chapter  5: Shallow Foundations Allowable Bearing Capacity and Settlement
Chapter  6: Mat Foundations
Chapter  7: Lateral Earth Pressure
Chapter  8: Retaining Walls

Chapter  9: Sheet Pile Walls
Chapter 10: Braced Cuts
Chapter 11: Pile Foundations
Chapter 12: Drilled Shaft Foundations
Chapter 13: Foundations on Difficult Soils
Chapter 14: Soil Improvement and Ground Modification

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